About Us

Who We Are

Senior Home Care Services was founded in 2001 by George Koenig after he struggled to find reliable care for his parents who lived out of state. As a result, he began Senior Home Care Services with the mission of providing the highest quality home health care throughout New Jersey, giving seniors independence and peace of mind. Since 2001, we have proudly served seniors and their families throughout Northern and Central New Jersey as one of the leading independent, family-owned, non-franchised home care agencies.

Senior Home Care Services tailors to the individual and our care plans are designed to help seniors maintain the highest quality of independent living possible.

Senior Home Care Services is a team of experienced individuals who know all our caregivers and seniors personally. See the difference for yourself. Call Today at (973) 538-4357 or read our client testimonials.

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Why Choose Us?
  • Serving North & Central NJ Since 2001
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • NJ State Licensed, Bonded, & Insured
  • Nationally Accredited
Accredited Home Care Agency

Senior Home Care Services is a Nationally Accredited agency that has been recognized for its quality care, adherence to strict standards, and delivery of safe essential home care services.

Truth in Advertising

Senior Home Care Services adheres to the principles of truth and advertising, and all information accurately represents the organization's scope of services provided, license, price claims or testimonials.

Americans with Disabilities Act

Any person needing assistance with our website for any reason may contact us in any form such as but not limited to: phone, email, fax, letter, or other and we will accommodate you for ADA compliance.

The Senior Home Care Difference

Excellent Matching Capabilities

Our priority is matching a caregiver’s qualifications and capabilities to a senior’s personality and needs. Our founder and management team are skilled at understanding the nuances that are essential to forming a great working relationship between each senior and their caregiver.

Unlike many home health care agencies in New Jersey, in addition to providing caring, competent, and reliable caregivers we also take the time to holistically match the caregiver’s personality to the senior’s personality. We are able to do this well because we meet with each client and caregiver personally as part of our quality process.

Compassionate, Reliable, and Qualified Care

Senior Home Care Services, Inc. employees are:

  • Bonded
  • Insured
  • Criminally background checked
  • Covered under our workers’ compensation
We take the quality of our employees very seriously. If an employee of ours will be driving a client, we will check their driver's license background.Our caregivers meet with one of our managerial team and are evaluated face-to-face to ensure they are: qualified, caring, competent, reliable, possess charisma, have good communication skills
Competitive Rates & Price-Matching
Compared To Home Care Companies

Senior Home Care Services, Inc. offers extremely competitive rates, and we can usually match or quote a lower rate than any legitimate agency.

Because we are not a franchise, we are not subject to marketing, royalty, and advertising assessment fees and expenses franchises are required to pay. Therefore, we are able to provide you with the best of the best home health care services at very competitive rates.

In addition to this, we bill time and a half for only 6 holidays compared to most agencies that charge for 13 holidays, providing significant savings.

Compared To Senior Housing Options (Assisted Living, Retirement Communities, etc.)

Senior housing options are becoming more expensive and seniors often pay for one-on-one care in addition to facility costs. Therefore seniors find it is more economical to stay in their own homes with in-home senior care assistance.

Experienced Management Team

Senior Home Care Services, Inc. is a New Jersey local senior care provider. We are not a franchise. This privately owned and operated company began when the founder realized the strain and toll years of caring for his aging parents who lived in a different state took on him.

As a way to alleviate families of similar strain and hardship he founded Senior Home Care Services, Inc., a family oriented business that provides the best care professionals available at affordable rates. Senior Home Care has been in business for well over a decade, providing services to seniors throughout North and Central New Jersey.

Our management team is second to none. Each member of the scheduling team knows our caregivers and certified personnel, as well as our seniors and involved family members. We know how hard caring for an aging parent or loved one can be. We are committed to delivering excellent, dependable, compassionate, and dignified care. Call us today: 973-538-HELP (4357).

Dependable, Consistent Care

At Senior Home Care Services, our caregivers work days, nights, weekends, and holidays. Our phones are answered 24-hours a day by our management team in order to handle any non-911 emergencies.

If for some reason your established caregiver cannot make it to work, we will provide an equally qualified substitute. You or your loved one will still be cared for as usual. This issue rarely arises because most of our caregivers have worked with us for years and we only employ the most reliable caregivers. We also have a 24-hour hotline that can be directed to a real live person in case of any non 911 emergency so you never have to worry. SHCS is here to provide consistent senior care because we know that stability and individual attention is what every senior deserves and needs.

Thorough Screening Process

Our staff of certified home health aides go through a thorough screening process before they begin working with us. All of our aides undergo an interview and orientation process, and our Registered Nurse reviews and verifies every home health aide's capabilities and skill set. When we begin working with a senior, our nurse will orient the aide on-site to the senior's unique care needs and plan of care.