5 Inspirational Seniors We Can Admire

While many of us look to society’s youth to find inspiration, there are also seniors around us who keep pushing themselves past their limits.

 Whether a senior is running 26.2 miles for a marathon or getting ready for a bodybuilding competition, age is just a number.

 These older adults prove that they can defy the aging process against all odds.

 Learn more about these inspiring seniors by reading on!

Bill Iffrig

Bill Iffrig

Senior Marathon Runner

Remarkably, at 80 years old, Bill Iffrig participated in the 2013 Boston Marathon. Unfortunately, he was caught in the first blast of the bombing that took place that horrific day. Iffrig can be seen knocked down on the ground after the detonation in this iconic photo.

As a result of the terrorist attack, Iffrig suffered from hearing loss and the force of the explosion detached one of his quad muscles.

While he had to miss the 2014 Boston Marathon because of his injury, Iffrig made his triumphant return at the 2015 Boston Marathon! Absolutely incredible!

He says that the three words that shaped his life are “quitters never win”.

Charles Eugster

Senior Bodybuilder

Can you believe that a 95 year old senior is an active bodybuilder?

Charles Eugster started bodybuilding at the ripe age of 87 years old and he has been breaking world records since then. He has set records for races in his age group ranging from 60 to 400 meters.

“Retirement is one of the worst things that you can do to yourself,” said Eugster in an interview with TODAY.

He is also an advocate for the elderly.

“We must do everything in our power to see that older people are healthy and productive because if we don’t do that we are facing enormous problems between pension liabilities and our health costs.”

Willadene Zedan

Willadene Zedan

She graduated high school in 1943 but didn’t receive her Bachelor’s Degree until 2013. Zedan was 85 years old when she walked at her graduation ceremony.

Her sedentary lifestyle as a widowed wife led Zedan to realize that she needed to do something else with her life.

That’s when she was spurred into action and enrolled in her first class of the semester at Marian University.

“…The teachers say they’ll miss my input. Maybe I’ll come back and haunt them,” said Zedan.

Georgina Harwood

100 Year Old Grandma Sky Dive

Imagine being 100 years old and jumping out of a plane! Well that’s exactly what Georgina Harwood did.

She wanted to celebrate her 100th birthday in a special kind of way.

15 of her family members also joined her for a skydive.

Not only is this her third time jumping out of a plane (her first jump was at 92 years old), but to add to her list of accomplishments, Harwood also opted to swim with real live sharks after she landed in Cape Town, South Africa.

Du Yuanfa

Devoted Husband Care for Paralyzed WifeDu Yuanfa

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you forever.”

Those were the words that Du Yuanfa said to his wife Zhou Yu’ai after she became paralyzed in 1959.

He has been caring for his bed bound wife for almost 60 years.

While friends insisted that he should annul their marriage and start a new life after hearing about her permanent condition, Du Yuanfa refused, and later quit his job at the coal mine to care for her full time.

 Locals have been moved by his devotion and bring necessities and medication regularly for the elderly couple living together in rural China.

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