Frequently Asked Questions

Where We Work

Do you work in places other than homes?
Yes, we provide home health care services wherever the client calls home.


- Homes
- Apartments
- Retirement Communities
- Assisted Living Communities
- Nursing Homes
What geographic area do you service in New Jersey?

We provide home health care services to seniors throughout Northern and Central New Jersey. We cover the following counties: Morris County, Essex County, Hunterdon County, Somerset County, Bergen County, Union County, Sussex County and Middlesex County.

To find out if we provide home care services in your town, see our NJ home care coverage area.

Are you a franchise with offices in other states or a private company in NJ?
We are a privately owned and operated company which is beneficial to you in many ways. We have had a decade of experience with care for the elderly in NJ and we specialize in North & Central NJ. We are a wonderful team who cares about each individual we work with. We offer more competitive rates than most of our competition because we are not required to pay franchise fees. However, we do belong to the National Private Duty Association and therefore no matter where your loved one lives we can help you find a qualified caregiver.

Why We're Different

What makes Senior Home Care Services different from other companies?
Click Here to find out how different we are. From family taking care of family, to taking on all the responsibility, to providing consistent dignified safe care like no other home care company can.
Are your prices competitive?
Yes, very competitive. Our rates are a result of our well honed business process combined with our eight years of experience. We have kept our rates low over our years of service. While many competitors charge extra for 13 holidays, we only bill for only 6. In addition, our competitors often charge extra for nights and weekends. Our rates stay the same. We are not a franchise and therefore to do not pay overhead and advertising fees so we are able to offer you low rates while providing you with the best possible care.

How We Work

How do you select your caregivers?
Since we’ve been in business for 14+ years, almost all of our caregivers are referred to us by our consistent, reliable caregivers who currently work for us. Each caregiver is interviewed face to face and we complete a criminal background check and if expected to drive, we check the driver's license. Our process allows us to provide you with the best caregivers and level of care possible.
What happens if my caregiver is sick or needs time off?
If a caregiver is sick or in need of time off, our process is to find you someone equally qualified.
Do you provide services to people who are not seniors?
Yes. If you or a loved one is an adult and have been injured in an accident or have a debilitating condition and require the type of services we provide, we will gladly provide you care.
Do you have a minimum number of service hours per week?

Yes, we require a service minimum of four hours per visit.

We adhere to this minimum because we find that at 4+ hours of service, turnover is minimized and caregivers are often more committed to working with the senior on a long-term basis.

What if I need to speak with someone in the office after business hours?
We provide 24 hour hotline assistance. You may leave a message or speak to one of the trained personnel who will direct you based on the degree of urgency. In an applicable emergency, they will direct you to call 911.

Who Pays for the Care?

Who pays the caregiver – me or you?
Senior Home Care Services is responsible for all of our caregivers' human resources processing which includes: paying the caregiver and our portion of their payroll taxes.
Do you accept Long Term Care Insurance Policies?
We provide home health care services to seniors throughout Northern and Central New Jersey. We cover the following counties: Morris County, Essex County, Hunterdon County, Somerset County, Bergen County, Union County, Sussex County and Middlesex County.
Do you accept Medicare as a form of payment?
Medicare services rarely provide enough hours for a client’s needs. We provide based on your needs and we do not currently accept Medicare as payment. Our clients pay us directly.
Do you accept Medicaid as a form of payment?
Senior Home Care Services is not a Medicaid provider, and unfortunately we are unable to work with seniors who receive reimbursement through Medicaid.

Truth in Advertising

Does Senior Home Care Services adhere to truth in advertising?
Senior Home Care Services adheres to the principles of truth and advertising, and all information accurately represents the organization's scope of services provided, license, price claims or testimonials.

Americans with Disability Accommodations

How can I contact your compliance officer?

Any person needing assistance with our website for any reason may contact us in any form such as but not limited to: phone, email, fax, letter, or other and we will accommodate you for ADA compliance.

You may also contact our compliance officer:

Joseph Maddaloni

220 Park Ave

Florham Park, NJ 07932


Senior Home Care Services Ethics & Fraud Policy

What is your policy for ethics and fraud?
You can view our full policy for ethics and fraud by clicking here.