8 Videos of Seniors That Will Brighten Up Your Day

Looking for something to brighten up your day? You’re going to want to see these videos of seniors!

1. When Your Grandparents Dance Like MJ

After all, dancing is a great aerobic exercise to get seniors back in shape!

2. Grandparents Can Still Swing

Look at this couple swing!

3. Celebrating Their 60th Anniversary with Style

If you’re a fan of the Pixar movie “Up”, this one might tug at your heartstrings. These two seniors have been playing piano together for years and their grandson brought them together to play for their 60th anniversary.

4. Seniors Talking About Love

Do you have a box of tissues ready? You’re going to need some while watching this.

5. Best Friends for Over 90 Years

You thought you had a best friend? Well, these ladies have been friends for over 90 years.

6. Grandpa With Alzheimer’s Still Remembers Songs By Heart

Listen to him sing! Did you know that he’s even scored a record deal?

7. There’s a First Time for Everything

She might be 78 years old but still knows how to have fun!

8. This Grandma’s Got Soul include but at end

B.B. King? More like B.B. Queen. Just listen to those soulful guitar licks!

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