Safety Tips for Seniors

Senior Health Scare

5 Things You Should Do Before a Senior Has a Health Scare

Are you prepared when a senior is unexpectedly hospitalized?

Some of the most common reasons seniors go into the hospital are due to unplanned health emergencies: urinary tract infections, stroke, hip fracture, and pneumonia.

Learn what things you should do before a senior has a health scare today!

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Holiday Tips

4 Tips for Making the Most of this Holiday Season with a Senior

Seniors and their families can feel stressed about the holiday season. Getting together for the holidays should be a joyous occasion! However, family gatherings can be very stressful for everyone to navigate. Learn how these tips might save you from the unwanted headaches when visiting your loved one this holiday season.

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Elder Fraud

5 Common Elder Scams Every Senior Should Know

Unfortunately, scams targeting the elderly are on the rise and fraudulent telemarketers targeting seniors account for up to 80% of their calls.

Did you know that our senior population is expected to double by 2060?

81% of seniors are also homeowners, and they are more likely to live alone—a staggering 12.5 million older adults.

It’s clear to see why seniors are the most vulnerable demographic when it comes to fraud and abuse.

Today we will be going over common elder scams that every senior should know.

Getting educated about how they work is the first step towards prevention.

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Senior Proofing A Home, How To Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

Most seniors want to live at home… their home! Unfortunately, that beautiful home they worked so hard to buy, keep, and raise kids in can be […]

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