Elderly Healthcare

Nurse Measuring Blood Pressure

Why Seniors Should Get Regular Blood Pressure Screenings

Monitoring the cardiovascular health of a senior is essential for staying ahead of heart diseases.

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Affordable Care Act

How Medicare Penalties Are Cutting Down On Readmissions

If you work in healthcare you’re probably aware of the recent years’ emphasis on re-admissions. How has it affected hospitals, rehabs, home care, and patients you ask?

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Arranging Tableware for Dementia Patients

Red Plates for the Elderly?

In August of 2015, the internet exploded with articles about EatWell, a start up by Sha Yao who designed tableware meant to benefit seniors with cognitive impairments. […]

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Emergency Planning for Seniors

10 Tips for Hospitalization

While we are always hoping for health, sometimes ourselves or our loved ones are hospitalized unexpectedly. These 10 tips for hospitalization will help you keep you […]

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