Seniors Can Benefit From Pet Therapy

The Science Behind Pet Therapy

We’ve all experienced it – “Hi Puppy, hello, you’re so cute, I love you!”  There is an indescribable rush of feelings when we see a dog.  […]

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March Caregiver of the Month

March, 2016 Caregiver of the Month! We at Senior Home Care Services, know that our loyal and long term Caregivers are why we are able to […]

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Caring for Dogs

Pet Therapy Event at Morris Hills

On Friday, February 12th Senior Home Care Services sponsored Pet Therapy at Morris Hills Care Center, a Genesis Community in Morristown, NJ.  Two dogs and caretakers […]

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Arranging Tableware for Dementia Patients

Red Plates for the Elderly?

In August of 2015, the internet exploded with articles about EatWell, a start up by Sha Yao who designed tableware meant to benefit seniors with cognitive impairments. […]

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