Caregiver Humor

Why Humor is Important for Seniors

Being a caregiver is a difficult job and it’s hard to find humor during tough times of helping your loved one. Finding the time to smile and laugh is more important than you think. It’s important to lighten up sometimes to avoid caregiver burnout and stress. Learn how your sense of humor can help with being a caregiver today!

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Affordable Care Act

How Medicare Penalties Are Cutting Down On Readmissions

If you work in healthcare you’re probably aware of the recent years’ emphasis on re-admissions. How has it affected hospitals, rehabs, home care, and patients you ask?

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Caregiver of the Month

January Caregiver of the Month

Marie joined Senior Home Care Services in late July 2015. Immediately the team could recognize her talents and her compassion. Most of the cases assigned to Marie were challenging cases, and she proved to be a committed team player over the past year and a half. We are proud to have Marie as a caregiver on our team. Her client has said wonderful things about her and all of the staff thinks she’s a gem.

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Holiday Tips

4 Tips for Making the Most of this Holiday Season with a Senior

Seniors and their families can feel stressed about the holiday season. Getting together for the holidays should be a joyous occasion! However, family gatherings can be very stressful for everyone to navigate. Learn how these tips might save you from the unwanted headaches when visiting your loved one this holiday season.

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